About Sidesketch

Sidesketch takes a different approach to normal color palette tools. It never shows you the full RGB or HSL color wheel. Instead you have a triangle, and you can choose which color is at which corner through RGB sliders. Then, you get a blend between these points, allowing you to select inner colors from a super focused distribution between the colors you chose.

As you choose a color, the triangle which was used to select this color is also saved, allowing you to go back and forth between interesting ranges, until the right range is found.

If you would like to remove a color after selecting it, just tap on the color in the palette. Removed colors are added to an undo list, so you can put them straight back if you like.

In order to save and create your palettes, you have to login with your google account. Be assured that this is the only thing that this is used for - saving your creations.

Export options

Sidesketch can export to Adobe™ Swatch Exchange and JSON.

Please leave some feedback ( email ) or on twitter if you are enjoying using it, or if you have any suggestions.

Happy sketching!


Uses part of the excellent Linea Basic iconset by Dario Ferrando.

Thank you everyone who has given feedback, and has tried it out!